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Dr. Daniel O. C. | Jun 16, 2024



Blessed Father’s Day to all Fathers!

Saints of God Most High, hear God’s word for you today:

Bless Adonai, my soul! Everything in me, bless his holy name! Bless Adonai, my soul, and forget none of his benefits! He forgives all your offenses, he heals all your diseases, he redeems your life from the pit, he surrounds you with grace and compassion” (Psalms 103:1-4)

With my whole heart, with my whole life, and with my innermost being, I bow in wonder and love before You, the holy God! Yahweh, You are my soul’s celebration. How could I ever forget the miracles of kindness You’ve done for me?

You kissed my heart with forgiveness, in spite of all I’ve done. You’ve healed me inside and out from every disease. You’ve rescued me from hell and saved my life. You’ve crowned me with love and mercy.

The psalmist gave praise unto the Lord in Psalm 103:1-4. We also ought to have the same attitude of thanksgiving at this moment in time. What do we bless the name of the Lord for? It is for the remembrance of His benefits.

The two leading benefits are found in verse 3 – “Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases”. Moreover, the Lord wants us to be reconciled with Him. He wants us to come to Him.

It is by coming to God that we can have our sins forgiven and escape eternal judgement. According to Biblical records, God is our Creator and our Judge.

When you live in sin and refuse to repent, God’s judgement will definitely come upon you as a sinner. To escape being punished for your sins, you need to plead for God’s mercy.

In the Bible, many people were judged by God. Adam, the first man was one of them. So was Eve, the first woman, and their son Cain too.

All the sinners that lived in the days of Noah, who refused to repent, were all judged. Only eight lives were saved and spared from the flood of death and destruction.

Repent and be converted for your remission of sin in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen!

Somebody shout, “THANK YOU JESUS!

Shalom and good morning.
Dr. Daniel O. C.

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