About Us

About DLCC

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."

John 3:16

DLCC's Founding

Deeper Life Christian Centre (DLCC) was founded in Singapore on November 7th, 1999, by Reverend Dr. Daniel O. C., with the core mission to proclaim the lordship of Jesus Christ and to bring God and bring holiness into our daily lives.

Vision & Mission

We are for signs and wonders.
To set a standard for others to follow.
To build bridges.
To restore relationships.

5 Important Pillars of DLCC

Our goal is to preach and teach the pure, unadulterated message of the Word of God.

Our hope is for men and women to be built up, grounded, firm and strong in Christian values.

We believe that the Word will be validated by God through signs and wonders. It brings us great joy when individuals share their personal experiences of this confirmation.

DLCC will never suffer a famine of the Word!

As a church, we value worshipping together as a family.

We want to support you on your journey towards eternal life with us.

Our church was founded and continues to exist through prayer.

We also take on the responsibility of being a “praying church”, which means that members of DLCC must make an effort to stay consistent and dedicated in their prayer life.

It is not acceptable to neglect this aspect of our faith.

We are for signs and wonders. This includes miraculous healings, the transformation of difficult circumstances in our favor, through the supernatural intervention of God in ordinary life situations.

We have faith that with God, anything is possible.

Sincere prayer can bring about what we are unable to achieve on our own. Namely, the experience of immeasurable love, peace, and joy.

What is special about DLCC?

  • Our Pastors

    Our pastoral team is composed of loving and supportive leaders, accompanied by their devoted spouses and the church’s prayer team. Our pastors also strive to set good examples for the rest of the church by living according to biblical principles and teachings.

  • Something For Everyone

    Our Christian family is nurtured through worship services, prayer meetings, fellowships, and word-based resources, tailored to various life stages, including:

    1. Bible classes for children, youth, and adults.
    2. Youth ministry.
    3. Cell groups for youth, singles, and families.
    4. Fellowship groups uniting our Filipino, Indian, and Chinese members.
  • The Palpable Love Of Christ

    Guests who visit often remark that they can feel the love of Christ through our members.

“Our preaching must produce Conviction, Conversion and Consecration of lives”
- Senior Pastor Dr. Daniel O. C.