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Watchmen On The Walls Of DLCC

"I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; (O DLCC) They shall never hold their peace day or night. You who make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent, And give Him no rest till He establishes And till He makes Jerusalem (DLCC) a praise in the earth."

Isaiah 62:6-7

Leader: Sister Elizabeth Daniel

About the

Watchmen on the Walls of DLCC is a ministry that uses the Word of God as the foundation for building a strong prayer life.

  • Our Mission

    To help believers:

    • Build a strong prayer life with the Word of God as its foundation.
    • Know the heart and will of God
    • Be filled with the Spirit

  • Our Vision

    For all believers to be ready in all seasons to pray for themselves, families and DLCC as they are filled with the Spirit.

  • Our Calling

    To support the saints in:

    • Being victorious in their Christian journey
    • Building a deeper connection with God.
    • Enriching their prayer life

Watchman on the Walls of DLCC offers the following prayer sessions:

  • wePray:
    Group, Corporate and Personal Prayer session

    Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday
    Every Saturday 5:50am-7:30am

  • weAdore:
    Monthly Worship, Testimony session, Special prayer request

    1st Saturday of the month 5:50am-7:30am

  • weRead:
    Scheduled group
    Bible reading

    Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday
    Every Saturday 5:50am-7:30am

We cultivate Christian disciplines in:


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"Praying in Tongues "

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"Bible Reading and Meditation"

The Watchman group embarks on a transformative spiritual journey, reading 7 chapters daily from Jan 1st to Dec 30th. This annual commitment ensures a complete reading of the Old Testament,… Read More

"Scripture Memorisation"

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Elevate Your Christian Journey With Us!


Watchman on the Walls of DLCC was founded in response to the increased isolation of church members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Intercessors meet physically on Sundays, while Watchmen on the walls of DLCC currently gather exclusively on Zoom.
  2. Intercessory prayer sessions primarily focus on praying for church service needs.Watchmen focuses on extended ministry areas, family needs, and global concerns.Additionally, there are teaching sessions on topics like the names of God and aspects of prayer, Bible reading, worship, adoration and sharing of testimonies.

We assign prayer points to different members and urge them to support each point with a Bible verse.

Prayers are directed to the Father in the name of the Lord Jesus, beginning with praise, thanks, and intercession.

Pastor Daniel’s annual 5 chapters a day practice is a spirit and faith building exercise for every DLCC member to commit to. Click here for the bible reading schedule.

Building on this foundation, Watchmen are encouraged to read 7 chapters a day, even after Aug 26. We take turns 3 times a week ( Tue, Sat and Sun) to read the Word aloud. On Thursdays, we listen to the Bible reading app while reading aloud at home. For it is written in Romans 10:17 “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

We are committed to the following bible reading schedule every year:

  1. 1x Old Testament
  2. 5 x New Testament
  3. 2x the Pentateuch/Torah (also known as Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy)
  4. 2x Other books within the bible (Psalms, Ezra and Nehemiah in 2023).

Why not experience Watchmen sessions firsthand and decide for yourself?

The format of Watchmen sessions differs from cell group sessions, and currently, open discussions on any topic are not part of Watchmen sessions, though this may change in the future.

Discover the joy of morning prayer like Jesus did! Rise early, embrace the serenity, and commit to this special time with God.

No more excuses – let’s make morning prayer a cherished routine!

With the exception of an annual evening gathering in December for open sharing on a non-praying day, it is intended for us Watchmen to devote ourselves to God and pray as Jesus did in the beauty of the morning.

wePray session leading is by appointment only.

Most of our members who attend regularly are assigned to read for the group during weRead sessions, contribute to weWorship and lead once a month when assigned for the weAdore session. 

All are welcome to join, regardless of age. Our prayer focus is primarily on DLCC at the moment. Your participation is valued and appreciated.

We use the NKJV and encourage our Watchmen to read from a physical Bible for a more immersive experience, fostering a deeper connection with the text.

We welcome Members and Non-members of DLCC to pray together.

Zoom Meeting ID: 810 9201 8684

If you are new to our meetings, please register your interest
We request that attendees sign in on Zoom with their names