About Us


About the

Leader: Senior Pastor Daniel O. C.

The worship ministry is dedicated to create an atmosphere of praise and worship prepare the hearts of our church members to receive the unadulterated word of God.

  • Our Mission

    We seek a saturation of praise and outpouring of His Shekinah through spirit=led corporate worship.

  • Our Vision

    To lead every member into the throne room of God and deposit them into God’s hands.

  • Our Calling

    To allow God to use our musical talents to usher the glory of God and lead our church members’ focus on their first love.

Our Ministry Roles

  • Worship Leaders

  • Back Up Singers

  • Musicians


All DLCC members who are led by the Holy Spirit and are gifted in music are most welcome to join. You may want to Connect through the church office, or in-person by approaching any of our worship leaders.
We can only roster members for regular services.
Musical and vocal skills are important but, equally important, is that you have a heart of worship.
Interested individuals will be expected to undergo an audition and also be a DLCC member.
Generally, the worship team serving on Sunday would hold a practice on Saturday.
There may be separate jam sessions but this is infrequent.

Corporate worship makes up of Praise and Worship segments where we praise God for what He has done and worship Him for who He is!

Our music and songs range from contemporary worship to traditional hymns.
New songs are vetted for lyrics to ensure they are aligned with the Word of God.
No. Worship is a vital part of our services where we usher our members into God’s presence. 
Therefore, each song on the set list is Spirit led with prayer by the worship leader. 
Most certainly but do take care not to over-stretch yourself.
For example: Through prayer, we would identify and train worship leaders from our pool of vocalists. Training to enhance vocal and music instrument techniques and skills can be arranged. 

Are you led by the Spirit to serve in the worship ministry?

If you answer YES to one or more of these, come serve together with us!