1)     To aspire for God to dwell within His Temple through Spirit-led Praise and Worship.

2)     To lead congregants into the throne-room of God and deposit them into the hands of the King.

3)     To allow God to demonstrate His power in tandem with His unadulterated Word through anointed Praise and Worship.



A Ministry for signs and wonders for the glory of God in seeking a saturation of praise and His Shekinah Glory.


To successfully assimilate the Ministry’s Mission and Vision, the following are the expected Culture values of all members:

1)     Culture of Ministry – to understand the stated mission and values and the role of the Worship department in overall church context.

2)     Culture of Worship – to retain personal worship and develop a worship ‘personality’.

3)     Culture of Unity and Bearing Each Others Burdens – to overcome personal differences and to lift one another in prayer / edify (encourage) one another.

4)     Culture of Creativity – to foster ‘divine creativity’ through right environment and creative mind-set.

5)     Culture of Respect – in areas of leadership authority, each other’s time, specialist knowledge, communication.

6)     Culture of Purification, Consecration and Service – to understand and follow the flow of service defined as — Purification Consecration Service.

7)     Culture of Self-improvement – to adopt a dedication to improving one-self.

8)     Culture of Preparation – to understand that there is no substitute for proper preparation.

9)    Culture of Availability – to adopt a mentality of ready availability and a ‘can-do’ attitude.

Please click on the videos below to view our worship session:

Sunday 22 March 2020

Worship Leader: Brother Victor