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Wednesday Manna – 29 November 2023

Dr. Daniel O. C. | Nov 29, 2023



Saints of God Most High, hear God’s word for you today:

“Pride goes before destruction and arrogance before failure.”

Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.

(2 Chronicles 26:1-23) Uzziah became King at the age of 16. “He set himself to seek the Lord… and as long as he sought the Lord, God made him to prosper.” Verse.15, “…and his fame spread far for he was marvellously helped… till he was strong.” Verse.16 “…But when he was strong, he became proud to his destruction and he trespassed against the Lord his God.” He burned incense which only the priests were allowed to do and was angry when confronted.

And what was the result? Verse.21, “And King Uzziah was a leper to the day of his death.”

Beloved saint, beware lest pride come into your heart because of your position, wealth, property, your efficiency, ability, experience or what you are today.

Pride always comes without invitation and so silently. Pride is a sin without legs to walk, no wheels to run and no wings to fly but its faster than electrical current.
If you are not watchful, it can lead you to destruction.

King Nebuchadnezzar looked at Babylon and said, “Is not this great Babylon that I have built for the house of the kingdom by the might of my power and the honour of my majesty?” (Daniel 4:30). That very hour insanity for seven years came upon King Nebuchadnezzar.

Then he acknowledged the Lord Most High. Verse.37, “Now I Nebuchadnezzar, praise and extol and honour the King of heaven, all whose works are truth, and His ways judgement, those that walk in pride He is able to abase.”

Let’s avoid pride and arrogance for they are not of God but let us embrace humility for it is the key to spiritual power.


Shalom and good morning.
Dr. Daniel O. C.

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