The Word


Dr. Daniel O. C. | Apr 17, 2024


Saints of God Most High, hear God’s word for you today:

They will build houses and live in them, they will plant vineyards and eat their fruit. They will not build and others live there, they will not plant and others eat; for the days of my people will be like the days of a tree, and my chosen will themselves enjoy the use of what they make…” (Isaiah 65:21-24)

We shall build houses and inhabit them, and we shall plant vineyards and eat the fruit of them. We shall not build and another inhabit; we shall not plant and another eat the fruit.

For as the days of a tree, so shall be our days and we shall enjoy the work of our hands. We shall not labour in vain or bring forth children for sudden terror or calamity; for they shall be the descendants of the blessed of the Lord and their offspring with them.

And it shall be that before we call, Adonai Yahweh will answer; and while we are yet speaking, He will hear in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen!

God, Adonai Yahweh, keep us near your mercy-fountain and bless us! And when You look down on us, may Your face beam with joy!

Send us out all over the world so that everyone everywhere will discover Your ways and know Who You are and see Your power to save. Let all the nations burst forth with praise; let everyone everywhere love and enjoy You!

Then how glad the nations will be when You are their King. They will sing, they will shout, for You give true justice to the people. Yes! You, Lord, Adonai Rohi are the shepherd of the nations! No wonder all the people praise You!

Let all the people praise You more! The harvest of the earth is here! God, Adonai ELOHIM, the very God we worship, keep us satisfied at Your banquet of blessings, and the blessings keep coming!

All the ends of the earth will give You the honour and glory You deserve and be in awe of Your splendour in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen!

Everybody shout, “PRAISE THE LORD!

Shalom and good morning.
Dr. Daniel O. C.

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