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Sunday Bulletin – 21 April 2024

Sister Elizabeth Daniel | Apr 21, 2024

When you come looking for me, you’ll find me. Yes, when you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else, I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed.” (Jeremiah 29:13)

Dearly Beloved,

Today, 21st April, 2024 you are alive and its only by the grace and mercy of God. If yours is a dejected, lonely or discouraging walk, battled with fear or doubts about the faithfulness of God, today is the time to wake to the goodness God has for you.

You were made for miracles. You are a sign and a wonder. Your life story is written in the heart of God not as a defeated, weak, fallen child but as a victorious, strong powerful vessel progressing in the supernatural each day. Supernatural is your realm of living and your portion though you live in the natural. Step out towards the Lord and discover the joy of waking up each day and walking into the arms of the King! Discover the thrill and pleasure of knowing whatever comes your way today is planned, purposed, designed and crafted out for you and for your good! Every situation and every person you will come across this coming week has been ordered and placed there carefully by the Almighty God for you to draw near to Him and see His gracious hand move. They are planned for your progress, success, and victory in the Lord.

Know that the Lord God who created you is greater than anyone or all your ‘foes’ put together. Jesus defeated and made an open spectacle of His and our vanquished foes. Jesus has won all authority and power over satan and his hosts. Listen and draw near to the Lord. Discouragement, defeat, distraction and condemnation are all directed at you to keep you away from the Lord. Today if you will take one step, look out everyday for the promises of God from His word for you, draw near to the Lord, hold on to Him and never let go no matter how convincing is the lie and evil, victory will be yours. Don’t allow yourself to be willing to lie down or wallow in the mud of discouragement everyday.

Rise up. Cut off everything that keeps you from going to the presence of the Lord and calling upon Him. Shake off every dust of spiritual laziness, blindness or hardness. Take up the sword of the spirit, the word of God and read it devouring every word. Grab hold of its promises for you. Activate your faith.  Speak to yourself from the life giving word loudly. Confess God’s word over yourself. Let the spark of faith in you be ignited to a fire. Step out in faith each day believing the Lord to work miracles in your life for every situation.

The eyes of faith arise in you to see the Son of righteousness with healing in His wings for you; Yahweh Jireh Who provides for you; Yahweh Roi the good Shepherd who leads and guides you beside still waters and green pastures; Yahweh Nissi, God’s protection and power over you,  Yahweh Shalom your peace,  Elperazim the Lord who brings breakthrough and so much more.

Let your whole being be consumed into knowing and loving our Lord God.

God bless you as you lean more and more towards Him.

In His love,
Sister Elizabeth Daniel

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