Get Involved!

Why Eternity Depends On It

The day we accept that Christ paid the price for our salvation, we cease to be our own. We will not lose our unique individuality in God’s eyes, but we have become part of a collective existence – within a sum of all parts known as the Church. The Church is Christ’s collective storehouse of His precious redeemed, preserved for their time on earth.

The continuing addition of such redeemed “parts” is intrinsic to the nature of Christiandom, and grafting these fresh “parts” ensures the growth of the Church organism. However, true growth comes only with successful graft assimilation. A good graft requires enrichment and cultivation which comes through involvement – a cumulative interaction, an exchange of substance, between the “grafted part” and the Church organism.

The converse (because of non-involvement) will be graft rejection, and the inducted “part” so preciously redeemed, will wither fall away and die.

There are many ways to be involved, and there will be one that suits you. Look out for one that even slightly draws your attention. Make it a point to approach the person accountable for that ministry or fellowship to know more.

Be spiritually alive!
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